All kayaks and kayakers must observe all State and Federal Regulations regarding safety and navigation rules.  This includes carrying a CG approved PFD that is "readily accessible" (not inside a hatch or under your seat) and an effective sound producing device such as a whistle or horn.

Where we buy our equipment.

Economy Tackle  / Dolphin Paddlesports

6018 S. Tamiami Tr. Sarasota, FL. 34231.

​NOTE:  Paddles are subject to cancellation or change.   Please check the website before you leave for the latest update. 

All trips have a Launch Time of 9:30am. unless shown otherwise in the trip details.

"Launch Time" means you are in the water and ready to paddle.  Please allow sufficient time for travel, unloading equipment and preparing for the trip.

Venice LemonBay Kayakers

​​On any trip extending past official sunset all kayaks must carry a White light that is visible for at least one mile or be equipped with approved  Red,  Green  and  White navigation lights.

                                       Wednesday October 5th Paddle

                                                 NOTE:   Start time:   8:30 am

Vamo Park:  The Venice-Lemon Bay Kayakers will have a kayak trip with a launch time of 8:30 am on Wednesday October 5th, launching from Vamo Park in Sarasota Bay and paddle in mangroves, than cross over to Midnight Pass Beach and waters in the area. The trip will be about 3 ½ hours in duration, 7 miles long, rated intermediate.

“Launch time of 8:30am” means that you are in the water and ready to paddle.  Please allow ample time for travel, unloading your kayaks, and preparing for the trip.

Facilities:  There are no facilities at Vamo. There is a relatively small sandy parking (10 cars) area between fences in a residential area. The launch site is a shallow sandy area on the ICW.

Directions:   When traveling southeast on Hwy. 41 in South Sarasota turn right (south) onto Vamo Way at the traffic light at the Westfield Sarasota Square Mall.  Continue south and look to the right for two off-white stucco columns and turn right (west) onto Vamo Drive into Vamo County Park. If northbound from Venice on Hwy. 41 go just north of McIntosh and North Point Roads (the entrance Palmer Ranch is on the right and the Oaks Preserve is on the left) and get in the left-hand lane. Turn left (west) and cross over southbound Hwy. 41 (there is no traffic light here) onto Vamo Way. Just as the road turns right (north), look left for the stucco columns then go left onto Vamo Drive into the Park.

                            SAFETY COMES FIRST. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR PFD.